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Accounting Services
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We can prepare your accounts either at the convenience of your office or ours
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Welcome to AG Accounting Firm Malaysia

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At AG Malaysia, our accounting firm aims to be a one-stop centre for all your accounting related needs in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. As such, we constantly strive to make our services better in terms of effectiveness, efficiency and economy.

Effectiveness. In our opinion, a solution is only effective if it is able to meet our client’s requirements. For example, we offer onsite arrangement to prepare accounts at client office to improve communication which is important during the accounting process.

Efficiency. We try to avoid duplication of effort and wastage of time and resources as much as possible. For example, our onsite accounting service is time saving in terms of logistics and convenience for our clients.

Economy. With better effectiveness and improved efficiency we work even harder towards reducing cost per unit of output to pass on any cost saving benefits back to our clients.