Employer’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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How will AG Accounting Recruitment find suitable accounting candidates for me?

Our accounting recruitment services ensure you have access to our accounting talent pool from fresh graduates to senior managers accumulated over the years.

We combine an extensive network with a deep understanding of the hiring companies and job-seeking candidates we work with, allowing us to deliver a better match.

Are there fees for engaging AG Accounting Recruitment?

Our recruitment fee is result-oriented as it is only billable upon successful placement. A placement is successful when you employ any of our candidates.

What type of information will I need to give to AG Accounting Recruitment?

  • We will need your job description and requirements. This ensures that we can shortlist candidates who matches the description and requirements.
  • Inform us of any requirements unique to your organization

How can I ensure my accounting recruitment is confidential?

We respect the necessity to keep your information with us on a confidential basis. All information given to us will be handled discreetly on private & confidential basis.

How do I engage AG Accounting Recruitment?

You can begin the process by sending us your job description, requirements or enquiries to admin@ag-accountingservices.my or call us.

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