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AutoCount Accounting Software


AutoCount accounting software is known as one of the best accounting software for today’s business requirements. It helps users to streamline their business operations via its easy-to-learn and integrated features. The system provides a strong and stable database for every type of business, thus users will be able to perform any type of account transactions, regardless of its complexity. It also enables users to manage their business data and analyse their business performance, thus assisting them in making informed business decisions.


AutoCount accounting software has complete accounting, invoicing and inventory functions. Amongst the modules available under the software are general ledger, accounts receivables and payables, inventory, sales, and purchases.

The general journal module covers maintenance of accounts, journals, and opening balances, cash book and journal entries, as well as bank reconciliations. It also allows users to print financial reports such as trial balances, income statements, balance sheets and cash flow statements, as well as fixed assets reports such as depreciation, net book value, and gain or loss on asset disposal.

The accounts receivables module covers debtor maintenance. It enables users to make debtor’s invoice entries, debtor’s debit and credit note entries, contra deposit entries, as well as refund entries. It also allows users to receive payments, as well as to generate and print documents such as outstanding invoices and deposits, overdue letters, payment and receipt vouchers, and invoice and payment listings. Reports such as debtor collection reports, monthly sales and collection analysis and accounts receivable analysis can also be generated and printed. Debtors ageing can also be generated and printed under the module.

The accounts payables module covers creditor maintenance. It covers similar functions as the accounts receivable module, but on the creditor side. Functions include payment to creditors, creditor invoice entries, creditor’s debit and credit notes, creditor’s refund, and creditors deposit entry. Users can also generate and print creditor statements, creditor ageing, monthly purchase analysis, as well as accounts payable analysis.

Besides that, the inventory module covers maintenance of inventory, including item, group, and stock type maintenance, as well as stock location maintenance. It also covers the adjustment, issuing, receiving, and writing off of stock. Different costing methods such as FIFO, LIFO, and weighted average can be supported for each stock item. Conversion of units of measurement for stock are also available. Furthermore, reports and documents relating to inventory such as stock listing in terms of item, group, and type, as well as stock card reports can generated and printed. Users can also view and print stock balance and movement, as well as item profit margins to assist in business management decisions.

The sales module enables users to generate sales quotations, sales orders, delivery orders, cash sale invoices, as well as debit and credit notes. Documents such as listings of sales orders, quotations, cash sales, and debit and credit notes can be generated and printed. Furthermore, users can generate reports such as monthly sales analysis, customer price history, as well as debit note and credit note analysis which could assists users in future management decisions.

Besides that, the purchases module allows users to request for quotations, issue purchase orders, purchase invoices, as well as cash purchases. It also covers purchases returns and goods returns. Listings for purchase orders, purchase invoices, cash purchases, quotation requests, as well as goods return can be generated and printed. Furthermore, users can also manage their purchasing decisions via the monthly purchase analysis report and supplier price history report.


AutoCount’s multi-location feature allows users to manage multiple stock locations. Maintenance of stock locations as well as stock transfer are enabled under this feature. Stock location and stock transfer listings can also be generated and printed.

Besides that, advance financial reports can also be generated. Income statements can be generated comparing current periods with previous ones, such as yearly and quarterly comparison. Comparisons with monthly and annual budgeted figures are also available. Balance sheets comparing current period figures with previous year figures as well as with figures from previous quarters are also available.

AutoCount accounting software also allows for multiple currencies. The software supports foreign currency general ledgers, such as foreign currency bank accounts. It also calculates unrealised gains or losses from foreign currency transactions. Besides that, the software is also GST-compliant. It also covers consignment agreements.


An advantage of AutoCount Accounting is that it can be operated by users with no accounting background. All document entries excluding journal entries do not require users to have knowledge of double entry concepts. Furthermore, its Windows interface is easy to navigate. Each module in the software is fully integrated and operates seamlessly under one system. The auto posting feature also assists users in minimising human error and easing their workload.

Besides that, AutoCount Accounting’s Microsoft SQL server allows users to have greater stability with high performance. Users can create unlimited entries without having to worry about technical complications or data corruption. The software also provides a higher level of security and authority control, thus protecting company data from being accessed by unauthorised individuals.

Users can also access up to date information instantly. The audit trail feature allows users to trace back past transactions and verify figures shown in reports. Where there is internet access, users can connect to other branches and warehouses for information sharing. Furthermore, AutoCount Accounting supplies users with key information necessary for business decision making. The Multi-Dimensional Analysis tool allows users to analyse and evaluate business performances.

AutoCount Accounting also allows users to enter accounting data without being bounded by accounting periods, as data can be edited without having to be referred back to month-end or year-end closing. The system automatically updates changes made and it will be reflected in the report. Besides that, AutoCount Accounting allows users to modify and customise their documents and financial reports. Reports can also be exported to programs such as Microsoft Excel or converted into PDF files.

With its advanced technology, AutoCount Accounting is a powerful accounting software suitable for users who are seeking mobile business solutions, particularly distributors, wholesalers, and companies with high volumes of stock items.