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Million Accounting system is popular amongst accounting firms, bookkeepers and freelance accountants in the Southeast Asia region for its simplicity and diverse functionality. It is used by many accountants as well as local Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs).


Million Accounting system has four modules – accounting software, inventory software, payroll software, and invoicing software. The combination of modules offered are Million Accounting, Million Inventory, Million Accounting and Invoicing, as well as Million Accounting and Inventory, which is inclusive of invoicing functions. The payroll software can be purchased individually or included in any of the above combinations.

Million Accounting software is suitable for users who require a software for basic accounting functions. It covers general ledger, debtor, and creditor accounts, as well as project accounts. Advance payments and postdated cheques can also be recorded in the software. Besides that, its specially designed interface ensures a straightforward operation and smooth navigation for its users. Users simply have to key in data to generate a full set of financial reports, including trial balance, income statement, and balance sheet. Audit trail reports are also available under the module.

Million Accounting and Invoicing software covers all basic accounting as well as sales invoicing functions. Adding onto the accounting module, sales invoicing functions are included, and real time integration is enabled with the accounting module. Documents such as quotations and sales orders can be generated, as well as sales analysis for different cost objects such as customer and product. Historical records can be tracked, and there is also allowance for different units of measurement.

Million Accounting and Inventory software covers both accounting and invoicing modules, as well as inventory functions. Alongside accounting and sales invoicing functions, management of inventory processes are enabled as well as monitoring of stock availability. Stock levels are updated at real time, and stock valuation can be done for individual items using different methods. Real time integration with the accounting module is also enabled. Furthermore, documents such as stock card and stock balances can also be generated. The multi-user license also enables multiple users to be able to use the software, thus increasing work efficiency and productivity.


An advantage of Million Accounting system is that it is able to handle multi company transactions, and also has a multi-currency function for all its modules. Besides that, Million Accounting’s highly customisable design enables even users with minimal accounting knowledge to be able to use it, thus allowing small businesses to save costs. Furthermore, the system allows users to post their financial reports to Microsoft Excel.

Million software can be accessed through portable devices, thus users are able to use it wherever there is an internet connection. This allows businesses to save costs which would be incurred in setting up servers and IT infrastructure. Furthermore, the private cloud setup ensures that all data in the system can be stored in a secure server via the user’s own device.

Million Accounting’s simplicity and diverse functionality makes it suitable for all users regardless of accounting background.

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