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QNE Software is an accounting software provider with over 10,000 users in Malaysia alone. It is considered one of the best accounting software in Malaysia due to its user-friendly system design and powerful analytical tools.

Standard vs Professional

QNE offers two versions of accounting software – the standard version and the professional version. The difference between both versions is that the professional version offers sales, purchases and stock control modules while the standard version does not. The standard version is more suited for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and companies which require accounting software for basic tasks, whereas the professional version is more suited towards servicing companies, small medium enterprises (SMEs), and other companies which require accounting systems with sales modules.


One of the tools available to users of QNE accounting software is multi-level access control. This allows further control of user accessibility in regards to each module of the software, which improves security control as each user will have a different rights to access the software. Besides that, entry screens are designed as what an actual entry document would look like as much as possible. This enables users who may not have accounting background to enter transactions into the system easily, as debits and credits are done automatically by the software. Faster tracking of account/stock transaction status is also enabled by the fast stock/account enquiry screen. Furthermore, multiple windows can be worked on simultaneously, thus enabling users to complete their jobs quickly.

The multi-currency controls on the software allow foreign exchange gains and losses to be calculated automatically. Users are also able to print income statements which are compared to budgeted figures, as well as in comparison to figures from previous periods. Furthermore, users are able to conduct daily bank reconciliations as the system captures the date in which the bank reconciliation was conducted, and not just the month. The system also automatically posts transaction in real time once it is saved. This allows customer statements to be printed out with updated invoices. Besides that, credit limit controls are available to help users avoid incurring credit problems. Complete and comprehensive online help is also available to guide users using the software.


An advantage of QNE accounting software is that their modules are fully integrated. Thus, when information in the system is updated, all other relevant areas will be updated instantaneously. Furthermore, compared to typical file-based accounting systems, QNE has a SQL client-server database. This allows heavy data to be processed much faster over the network, as well as enables a higher data limit compared to other file-based systems. The database is also not easily corrupted compared to typical file-based systems. Besides that, users are able to perform scheduled backup at specific times without having to logout from the system. Previous activities performed by individual users on the system such as amendments can also be tracked.

QNE accounting software is considered one of the most user friendly accounting software in Malaysia. Thus, it can be easily operated by different users.

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