Sage UBS Accounting Software Malaysia

Sage UBS Accounting Software

Sage UBS is a popular choice of accounting software amongst Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) with over 200 000 installations in Malaysia alone. Due to its user-friendliness and comprehensive reports, it is preferred by many institutions of higher learning as part of their courses.


Under Sage UBS Accounting software, modules including general ledger, debtors and creditors modules are made available. The general module enables the creation of general ledger accounts and maintenance of opening balances for all accounts. Fixed asset descriptions, stock values, project titles and foreign currency rates can also be maintained using this software.

The debtors and creditors modules enables the creation and maintenance of debtors and creditors accounts respectively, as well as the distribution of debtor’s and creditors’ balance aging. The “Open Item” method allows reports exclusively for debtors as well as for creditors to be viewed and printed. Furthermore, under the transactions module, batches can be organised which daily transactions can then be entered into. This assists users in identifying different types of transactions in each batch.

Besides that, the software enables the viewing and printing of general ledgers, financial reports and other documents such as bank reconciliation statements, project reports, manufacturing accounts and service tax reports under its report module. Consolidation of financial statements can also be enabled under this module. Users can print their financial statements at any time as the UBS Accounting system instantaneously updates all transactions and allows access to current financial information. Report writing is made easier with a variety of standard reports available with built-in customisation features, thus they can be utilised by users to create a report layout which meets their organisation’s specifications.

The periodic module enables the closing of accounts at every end of the month, as well as every year-end. Transactions from other accounting directories can be imported to the main accounting directory and merged together. They can also be exported to other accounting directories. Recurring transactions can also be maintained and imported to accounts. It also provides the option of viewing audit trail, as well as to back up data and restore backup files.


An advantage of using Sage UBS Accounting is the Wizard Setup, which allows a quick start for users in the set up processes. Besides that, the display of task flows makes for easy reference, and allows direct access to the required screen. Users are also provided with step-by-step guides in entering transactions via Transaction Wizards. Furthermore, the Creditor Payment and Debtor Receipt screens allow users to overview all of their bank balances, thus enabling them to improve cash management as well as allowing offset processes to be performed simultaneously. Users will be able to operate the software smoothly as all command bars and drop down menus are systematically and logically organised. They are also able to customise the system based on their individual company requirements.

As Sage UBS Accounting is simple to use and customisable, it is suitable for many Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) as well as non-profit organisations.

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