SQL Accounting Software Malaysia


SQL Accounting Software

SQL Accounting software is widely used across Malaysia and Singapore by businesses which range from small to large. It is suited towards small medium enterprises (SMEs) from various industries, including manufacturing and retail companies.


There are six core modules under SQL Account software – general ledger, supplier, sales, purchase, stock, and customer. The general ledger module allows creation and management of accounting records by department or project, thus making it easier for users in keeping track and in analysing their company’s performances. Odd financial dates are also supported, thus users can start from any period they wish. A wide range of financial reports are also available, including general ledger document listing, income statement and statement of financial position.

The customer module has built-in special aging in addition to typical standard aging. The Advance Credit Control also allows users to set credit limits and overdue limits for each customer. Sales credit and debit notes can also be edited at the same time as when customer credit and debit notes are created respectively. Besides that, the customer contra feature allows users to match customer invoices against their respective supplier’s bill, with allowance for different currencies and foreign exchange gains and losses. A wide range of reports are also offered which have been proven to work well with multiple currencies. The supplier module has similar features as the customer module, including special aging, advanced credit control and supplier contra.

The stock module enables maintenance for stock category, stock prices, stock location, issuing and receiving stock, as well as adjustment and transfer of stock. Its posting engine works in real time, thus transactions can be updated instantaneously. Transactions can be backdated as costing calculations are date sensitive. Costing calculations includes inter-warehouse transfers, thus making costing calculations extremely accurate.

The sales module enables the creation of sales documents such as delivery orders, invoices, debit and credit notes, as well as cancelled notes for sales orders. Maintenance of sales orders and cash sales is also made easier under the module. Besides that, partial delivery is supported throughout all sales module documents. An assistant screen is also available to enable users to view the stock balance available as well as sales price history when sales documents are created. The purchase module has similar features as the sales module, including partial delivery and assistant screens showing stock balance and purchase prices history are also available. A wide range of reports are also made available under each respective module.


An advantage of the software is that posting is done in real-time, and modules are integrated seamlessly. Besides that, the Open Period solution allows for storage of business data spanning virtually unlimited years, thus improving decision based analysis. Business reports of a professional quality can also be generated. The software’s robust client-server architecture allows for cost effective deployment, easy maintenance and increased system performance. Furthermore, the software is customisable, thus enabling simpler, efficient and more productive work.

SQL Accounting software is ideal for the generation of reports and accounting documents.